Reflection is upon you


To know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been
Despite any lovers, losers or friends

The past is over there is no going back
You’ve already lived it
Do not hold onto personal attacks

Don’t discount mistakes or misfortunes
No grudge is worth pain
Sometimes you just need to dance through the rain

Life is a struggle, make of it what you will
We only live once
And only life can kill

If people in your life aren’t helping along the way
Let them go
Send the shit and the struggle astray

Try to move on
And hope for a better today
And try to stop letting your fears take hold of the day

Tomorrow’s a day that’s not guaranteed
Only you have the choice in your life to be free

Try to free yourself from your pain and free yourself from your sorrow
To live and endure for your own time that’s borrowed

For there’s no path of least resistance
No grand prize to be won

Your battle isn’t over
The war has just begun

Find happiness within yourself
The journey is the reason

Don’t continue on to hurt yourself
With personal acts of treason

When lost in woods of darkness
Try to prevail on to the light
Don’t be your own worst enemy
Be your one true friend and win the fight

Do you know where you’re going because you know where you’ve been
No there’s no a guarantee except for an end


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