Social media sabotage

We’re all guilty of having some type of social media account. Hell – technically this counts. There’s now articles about how social media is detrimental to society. How it makes us even more antisocial than before. That it messes with peoples’ self worth and confidence within. Psychological effects are being studied. Jobs are being created to try to advertise and regulate social media for businesses because it’s one of the only things we pay attention to. Yet do you actually pay attention to most businesses or take them seriously if they’re on Facebook or a similar site? I know I don’t.

We’re the most educated generation this place has ever seen yet, we are probably the most secluded. As pointed out before every generation has it’s issues… I’m just not sure how we’re going to over come this one yet…We need to find a way to be more proactive about meeting, keeping and visiting friends. About making a life for ourselves. Not having to share everything we eat in pictures to the world. The life long friends concept is only not a thing of the past because of the internet. We can keep in contact with anyone and everyone we’ve EVER met. That’s great, but at the same time, it gives the friendship a bit of a half life. It definitely has perks but what are the pitfalls?

We want the world and information at our fingertips yet we can’t stand in a room and talk to someone without having our phones go off and ignoring the person right there because we had to answer a text message or something along those lines. At this point there’s no one to blame but ourselves. Do we continue this internet, social media addiction or do we go “old school” and find a way to be friends with people face to face rather than through an infinite number of screens and text on a page? Can we save ourselves from ourselves?

Where do we draw the line and when have we gone too far?


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