Back to writing about love and personal experience

Amidst the many political posts, a couple of which I’ve posted myself. It’s time to recognize that life does still in fact go on. As shaken up as we’ve become and as crazy as things have gotten, I still go through the motions of everything I did before. The only difference now, where I stand on it all. Ready to make real change in this world as a different type of person before this election is simplifying things at best. With that being said…

I like many, am still in a phase of life in which I’ve yet to accomplish what I want. Whether it be that life is just hard most times or that maybe I’m missing the boat on the chances I need to take, I’m a work in progress slowly and surely moving forward.

Spending the majority of the last decade in love with the wrong person, I’ve finally gotten enough space and time away and that’s an understatement. I’ve finally left a life I never truly wanted for myself and have made a stand to change. I’ve been changing surely for months looking back from time to time thinking, “what the hell am I doing,” but also remembering, “oh yeah going after the life and the future you want.” Leaving everything you know in hopes that something will work out is a huge risk to say the least. However, it’s a risk I’ve personally taken multiple times. Why? Because try, try again. That being said, I still haven’t “made it.” But for the first time in a very long time, I am totally and completely content with who I am, what I believe and where I stand on almost everything in my life, my world.

Having to admit there are a lot of moving pieces to life, I have to say all of us are figuring things out bit by bit. The thing about life is it’s very much a puzzle and until the puzzle is seemingly finished the picture doesn’t reveal itself. This can be said in so many ways. On so many things. We are people. We are individuals. No two stories totally the same. No one less important than the other for the sheer fact that we effect each other. Life goes on.

We may all believe different things, we may all want different things, but our goals tend to stem from the same place. Whether you’re black, white, Asian, Mexican, Latino/a, European, Indian, etc I can’t believe the things we want branch off too much further than having a chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Los Angeles Chronicles: What are we doing?

Like millions of others in this country right now I’m going to voice my opinion. Overall, I can say we’re at a great divide when it comes to the outcome of this election. Overall, I’d have to say we’ve clearly failed at educating our masses. Overall, I’d have to say life isn’t terrible, but has room for improvement. And lastly take a good hard look in the mirror before you judge anyone, but yourself.

That being said. I’m sick of being told I’m a sore loser when it isn’t about Hillary Clinton losing. I’m sick of being called a special snowflake by someone who lacks the capacity to understand anyone’s point of view other than their own. I’m sick of people telling others to grow up and act like an adult and be accountable for your actions, when they fail to realize what that even entails.

Firstly, people on both sides, shut the fuck up and listen for once. Secondly, those Boomers telling us Millennials to grow up, we’re the product of your teaching – remember that. We want the things you had the chances to pursue; you know, a house, a car, a spouse, a potential family. When we can’t have those things we’ve inherently failed ourselves because we aren’t living up to your standards… yet at the end of the day we’re lucky we can pay to eat, let alone anything else because of these damn student loans (that are apparently also our faults, but let’s not get into that right now).

Millennials, stop bashing each other because we’re different. Boomers, stop bashing millennials because were not you. We do not have your world and you do not have ours. We need to stop tearing each other apart over stupid shit. We need to figure out why both sides think the other has totally and completely failed and find some middle ground. We are all PEOPLE right? Too liberal? Moving on…

From my perspective I’ve been floored at how ridiculous we all sound. Republicans claim to want less government yet they don’t allow people to choose when it comes to anything (guns, religion, abortion, marriage, etc). Democrats seem to be five seconds from turning on each other because “Bernie would have won” and a handful of other things. Can we just stop and take a look at ourselves and see how fucking ridiculous we all seem?

We’re telling people that they aren’t allowed to be afraid for themselves when a known racist, sexual assaulting, misogynist is now about to take power. When the KKK is throwing a parade over it. When the people being given power almost all have a conflict of interest in our government, yet no one seems to care about that. We’re telling people to grow up and get over themselves because they didn’t act this way. When in fact you most certainly did. Why is it okay for all of you “election winners” to sit here and tell the rest of us that we’re not good enough for you when we’ve spent the last 8 years with you doing the same? Why are you so outraged that people think differently than you? Why are you allowed to be mad at us but we aren’t allowed to be mad at you?!

Will someone please enlighten me as to why any of this is acceptable? I seriously want to know. Will someone on the Republican Right please open a dialogue and allow the both of us to play devil’s advocate to the other in hopes of shedding some light on all of this? I may sound like an annoying ranting child right now but from the looks of all the crazy that’s happening right now I beg to differ.

Signed a concerned Liberal.

-CA Con

Los Angeles Chronicles: My Speech, My Passion, My Rally

November 8, 2016 a date which will live in infamy, the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the forces of racism and misogyny.

The United States was at a turning point of change and we declared war on humanity. One hour after, the world changed as well. No longer do we live in a world where as women, children, heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, people of every race, creed and religion sleep peacefully at night. Having been told the rights to your own body are less important than the rights of the privileged white men’s guns. That climate change is indeed a farce. That racism and sexual assault are idealized. We need to fight back.

These people, being so adverse to changes that benefit us all, while different are human. Yet, we cannot sit here on the verge of despair, waiting for the walls to close in around us. Despite being shoved aside as lesser humans and sore losers we should not be silenced.

We must now look to regain the piece of mind we once held. Regain the very values in which this country was formed. Uphold our Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Together we must stand.

While this outcome, not ideal gives us the proof we need that we are in fact stronger together. It is apparent that this attack has been brewing for many years. It is obvious that this fight will not be a fight that is easily won. Now is our time to find those we once loved and cared for and turn our efforts outward. It is our time to take back this country in the name of humanity. It is our time to educate, rally, and organize the masses that seek to make this country truly great and change it. This will be no easy task. It has already claimed the lives of many. This is our fight to be had, this is our fight to be won.

Those that believe in a world where everyone is actually allowed to be themselves and feel safe in their skin, those are the people I seek. Who’s with me?

-CA Con