I am a Liberal

I am a Liberal.

I believe in choice.
Choice of what to wear, how to dress, who to be, what to become, who to build a life with, what to do with or not do with my body, what anyone else can do with theirs, what religion you practice, what you religion you don’t.

I believe in education for the masses.
Everyone should have an opportunity for an education without a lifetime debt sentence.

I believe in a health conscious country.
A country where people don’t have to worry whether they live or die because some billionaire raised the prices of a life saving drug, just because they can.

I believe in freedom.
Freedom for all regardless of color, creed, race or religion. No exceptions.

I believe in livable wages.
Wages that allow us to succeed and not be a new kind of indentured servant. A wage that allows us to feed and clothe ourselves without charging it now and paying for it later.

I believe in the American Dream.
That no matter who you are you can succeed and become someone even if that someone is you.

I believe that mental health is just as important as physical health.
That everyone at some point deals with hurt, pain, depression, anxiety or something in their life that they need help with.

I believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe in a just and fair government.

I believe that united we stand divided we fall.

I believe in a country for the people by the people.

I believe that these United States are built by immigrants for immigrants.

I believe neither party, nor country, nor person is always good or always bad.
Perfection and a perfect world do not exist but we do not need to make it worse for ourselves.

I believe in providing a chance at success for those that may not otherwise have it.

I believe in an economy that makes everyone pay their fare share to support all of us.

I believe in using funds for what they are in fact appropriated.

I am a liberal. I am appalled at this country’s decision in this election. I do in fact truly fear for my future. I do believe we, as a country, we – lost. But the fight has just begun and I do not, will not, have not stood alone.


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