Overwhelmed… by crap

We’re connected every minute of every day. We constantly scroll screens and go about our regularly scheduled lives almost robotically. For some it’s work, others school, some both, some neither. But we’re surrounded by so much shit, constantly it’s overwhelming.

Really though… look around you. How many things do you have that if you got rid of tomorrow would not change your life in any way? How many things do you use that are supposed to be for “fun” but end up making things worse? You’re probably reading this on a phone right now. Technology is great and allows for many things we couldn’t have otherwise, but technology is also a hindrance because society depends on conformity, addiction and reliance. Don’t agree…think about it.

Look at the way we live. Many of us (I would have to believe) want to go about our business, make money, spend money, love, make love, have fun and grow in some way. When do we realize that the way we’re living is probably what is standing in our way? When do we try to really take care of ourselves? Where do we draw the line?

There are millions of homeless on the streets. There are millions without jobs and the ability to take care of themselves. Where do we draw the line at basic human need and necessity for survival? Many of the homeless are veterans. Where do we draw that line? The United States breeds soldiers for war, they don’t however prepare them to survive it. Mental health and survival tactics in this country are far from priorities when it comes to the masses. While we shouldn’t depend on the government for everything, we should be able to depend on people to do right by people. When those who fought for our freedom, those that could potentially give back to society, those that could lend help in ways we may not know we need, are left to die because well.. too bad for them… we all lose.

Why don’t we pay attention to the real life around us and pay attention to all the meaningless crap? One of these days we’re going to take a good look around and realize we have nothing we wanted and wonder how we got here. I know, I’ve already done it, more than once. I made a personal change. Not all are so lucky. Where is the American Dream? Where are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? When do we slow down the rat race that no one is seemingly winning and breathe?


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