A Letter From Me – Christina

Dreamer. Explorer. Romantic. Silly. Unyielding. Mysterious. Unattainable. Smart. Philosophical. Intense. Quirky. Dancer. Performer. Artist. Creator. Seeker.
– Some of many words used to describe me through various parts of my life.

I am a lot of things. I’ve been on a journey the last few years; one I’d like to say of “finding my way.” Little did I know, the words lost and broken would be used far more than I ever believed. Knowing that people are complex and ever changing brings me to a point of realization. Well a few points. We are many different personalities in one. Nothing about us is concrete. We can be whoever we’d like to be, but sometimes we need help. People need people. Society is too harsh and rigid. And freedom is mostly in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve been writing in this blog since about 2012. Since then I’ve moved to multiple states. Been to multiple countries. Graduated with multiple degrees. Fallen in an out of love. Chose myself. Pursued my dreams and happiness. Learned that you can never really stop learning. Suffered loss. Endured growing pains. And kept on going.

It’s true. I am a dreamer. The one thing that is ever present in my life has been that. Imagination, passion, drive, hope, craziness, fantasies…. they fill me. I am a story teller. Ever fluid in my definition of myself and ever existing in the grey area. Constantly searching for where I belong and constantly finding things I might not have expected. I am an actor. I play my own role in life. I seek that which may not be found. I seek my truths. I create my world. I create art. Always playing with life and figuring it out one step or leap at a time. I am not typical. I don’t blend in. My nature won’t allow it. I am only me – and today that’s enough.

This blog is going to serve many purposes. It is going to form a set of “Memories. Thoughts on life, love, the pursuit of happiness and maybe a ‘book’ project or two.” Always open to a debate or conversation leave any comments you feel fit. Like the title says, this is the diary of a 20 something trying to make it in this world.

And just to wrap it up. Hi, I’m Christina. A 28 year old woman living in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from a small town in Central New York, I followed a dream. I’m finding the “work hard and choose the right path school of teaching,” has yet to work in today’s society – at least for me. And I’m trying to make something out of it. If nothing else at the very least to help someone gain perspective or enjoy the ride.

Thanks for tuning in.



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